Limiting Risk of Injury for Overhead Throwing Athletes

overhead throwing pitcher baseballAs summer is upon us, I thought it might be helpful to review some advice and practical tips for our overhead throwing athletes.

It’s an excellent idea to follow age-specific guidelines and limits on both innings pitched and number of pitches thrown. These help to minimize fatigue and overuse injuries.

Additionally, throwing when the player experiences shoulder or elbow pain leads to a dramatically increased risk of injury. The presence of shoulder or elbow pain in an overhead throwing athlete is not something to push through. Your sports medicine physician, athletic trainer, or physical therapist needs to know about this.

Keep in mind that it is perfectly OK, and probably very healthy, to take some time off during the year from overhead throwing. Cross training or participating in other sports will have some significant upside for making you a better athlete as well as keeping you healthy.

You can’t help your team if you’re hurt and not on the field. Follow the above simple steps to maximize your arm health and stay in the game!
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